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Welcome to Lojong for Writers, the slogan randomiser for Free Your Pen: A Writer’s Guide to Training the Mind. The slogans are based on the Buddhist practice of lojong – a practical system of mind training that can free your mind from the ego’s fears and emotional blocks, and reconnect you to your true Self.

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May your pen and your mind be free!


58. Don’t Be Frivolous

Life is too short for trivialities

dont-be-frivolousOriginal Slogan: Don’t be frivolous

Slogan 58 is about remembering to focus on things that really matter. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t help you to feel alive and present. Life is too short for superficial nonsense.

Writers: Prune your frivolous distractions and when writing, just write. Focus on what’s important in this moment.

Read the blog version of the book: Free Your Pen: A Writer’s Guide to Training the Mind

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