Free Your Pen: Mind Training for Writers

59 Slogans to Cure Writer’s Block & Free Your Voice

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Free Your Pen is a meditation practice designed to shut down the inner critic and dissolve the fears that block your writing. Based on the Buddhist practice of mind training with slogans, this is a practical guide to freeing your mind from bad habits and emotional blocks. It includes chapters on each of the 59 slogans, plus writing exercises designed to free your pen.

Whether you’re happy with your writing but would like to go deeper, or feel blocked creatively, this book will help you to:

  • Free your mind from fear and doubt
  • Write courageously with increased self-knowledge
  • Discover your authentic writing voice
  • Become the writer you were born to be

As a writer, your mind is your most valuable resource, but you tend to take it for granted. You wouldn’t go for a run without warming up, and you wouldn’t run a marathon without training first. Writing is the same. Free Your Pen explores the importance of mind training for writers and gives you the tools you need to take back control of your mind.

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Free your mind and your pen will follow…

Explore the slogans on this site and find out how you to train your mind. There’s information on how to practice with the slogans, and resources to explore further…

Click the image below to get a random slogan to kick start your mind training practice!

Random Slogan 5

May your pen and your mind be free 🙂

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